Germany: Experts have identified abnormalities in the brain in Covid-19 patients

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Scientists from Hamburg have found that the coronavirus can cause not only complications in the lungs, heart and kidneys in patients infected with Covid-19, but also inflammation of the brain. Researchers from Hamburg and Freiburg reported this in the specialized journal “The Lancet Neurology” after conducting a study of 43 deaths infected with Sars-CoV-2.

As a result of the study, scientists found coronavirus or its proteins in the brain stem or nerve endings extending from it, in almost half of the cases studied, in 21 people. However, the concentration of the virus was quite low, the scientists said. The patients with the highest viral load had no more changes in the brain than those who died without the coronavirus. However, the researchers found an immune response in the deceased whose brains were infected. This finding suggests that inflammatory cells may be responsible for neurological symptoms, ranging from olfactory disorders to headaches and strokes.

As part of the study, scientists examined 43 deaths from coronavirus – 16 women and 27 men. On average, the patients were 76 years old. The researchers emphasize that they had diseases typical for their age and represented average patients infected with Covid-19 in Germany.

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