Germany: Expert for completing tracing of chains of infection

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Health authorities are on the brink of opportunity, tracking down the swelling chain of infections. To ensure that health authorities are able to control the situation during the coronavirus crisis, health expert Karl Lauterbach is urging authorities to stop tracing the contacts of every infected person.

“Loss of control can only be prevented if we change course immediately: from tracking individual cases to looking back at clusters,” Lauterbach told the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung. If health authorities stop tracing the contacts of each infected person, staff will be able to contact cluster members — members of specific groups.

“The Robert Koch Institute must finally change the vector.” Specifically, this means that in each new case, a new taxonomy should be introduced – to find out whether the infected person communicated with a large group of people in a certain period of time within five days before infection. For example, did you go to school, attend choir classes, church services, attend a wedding, a party, or a care facility, ”Lauterbach explained. “Then it will not be necessary to search for every individual contact of the infected, but only those who were part of the group with whom there was contact, that is, classmates, members of the choir, and so on.”

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