Germany: Doctors Consider Domestic Travel “Pseudo Danger”

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The number of diagnosed infections in Germany jumped sharply. The authorities are introducing restrictive measures to combat the further spread of the virus. Dehoga CEO Ingrid Hartges says the situation is “completely unsatisfactory as there are no national rules in the country.”

Guests and hoteliers alike will have countless questions and will not know what will apply in detail. “We urgently need uniform measures,” Hartges demands. It is also necessary to explain how these restrictions apply to the business. For example, it should be communicated to the tourism industry, as well as to business travelers, that restrictions on overnight stays in hotels for those entering from risk regions do not affect those on business trips.

The head of the Association of Compulsory Health Insurance Doctors Andreas Gassin believes that some federal states are introducing unnecessary excessive measures. “This frenzy of restrictions is often counterproductive and counterproductive,” he said. Gassin called the travel ban within the country “pseudo-danger.”

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