Germany: Corona-Pandemie is the word of 2020

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The term “corona pandemic” has been chosen as the word for 2020. The phrase denotes the dominant theme for almost the entire year, – reports the German Language Society in Wiesbaden. The jury explained its decision by the fact that “As the word of the year, the corona pandemic means not only what the Chancellor and many experts consider the worst crisis since World War II, but also a host of new word formations.”

The crown defines our daily life. This is why the German Language Society (GfdS) has chosen Corona-Pandemie as the Word of the Year – 2020 “, and also selected many other terms related to the virus in the top 10. Second place went to “Lockdown”, as announced by the jury on Monday in Wiesbaden.

In total, the Society of the German Language in Wiesbaden selects ten words and phrases that in a special way linguistically defined the political, economic and social life of the year. Last year, the linguistic symbol of 2019 in Germany was the word Respektrente, which can be translated by the phrase “pension in recognition of labor contribution”.

Other places in 2020 were taken by the words:

2. “Lockdown”

3. “Verschwörungserzählung”

4. “Black Lives Matter”

5. “AHA” (Abstand, Hygiene, Alltagsmaske)

6. “systemrelevant”

7. “Triage”

8. “Geisterspiele”

9. “Gendersternchen”

10. “Bleiben Sie gesund!”

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