Germany: compulsory vaccination for certain population groups

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Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder is concerned that “there are too many refuseniks to be vaccinated among nursing home staff.” According to the politician, the German Ethics Council should consider whether “mandatory vaccination is possible at all, and if so, for which population groups”, quotes the head of the CSU “Süddeutsche Zeitung”. “Getting vaccinated during a pandemic should be seen as a civic duty,” emphasized Zöder.

A massive government campaign to promote vaccination, “involving representatives from the arts, sports and politics, could help the country’s adoption of the vaccination process.”

Since the coronavirus vaccine was not enough, Söder also called for the creation of a “national pharmaceutical alliance” to accelerate the production of the drug. Negotiations with pharmaceutical companies are needed. And if necessary, the state must pay compensation to companies. Additional vaccine production will help countries across the European Union. The new Biontech plant is due to start production in Marburg at the end of February. The pharmaceutical alliance could create additional production facilities.

In addition, Zöder called for “urgently to open additional laboratories in which it would be possible to identify the mutated virus.” Now only a few organizations can do this. To prevent the rapid spread of the mutated virus, several laboratories must be established in each federal state to detect it.

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