Germany: Bavarian PM warns April lockdown could happen again

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Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder strongly disagrees with the decision to cancel or reduce coronavirus tests for those returning from abroad. The politician believes that the second wave in Germany has already arrived and the country should try to get ahead of it, and not allow the country to “flood” the country, bringing it to another lockdown.

Söder refers to the upcoming autumn holidays, which in some federal states will begin in September. Cancellation of tests or further relaxation of restrictions is considered “ill-considered” by the politician. Two-week quarantine and mandatory tests are “important security tools”.

Söder denied the argument about overwhelmed laboratories and that the country lacks testing capacity. He stated that a quarter of the laboratory’s capacity is currently not being used at all. “We have to react to the situation so that we do not lag behind the wave, but try to get ahead of it,” Zöder said. The politician also warned of the dangers of the upcoming flu season: “The combination of influenza and coronavirus can be very dangerous.”

In a video message shared on Twitter, Zöder also warned that the country is in danger of a situation similar to the one that paralyzed the country in April and May. He proposes to introduce uniform national rules as instruments of struggle. This applies, in particular, to fines imposed for violation of the requirements for wearing masks or non-compliance with quarantine.

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