Germany: Bavaria introduces an obligation to wear protective masks during lessons

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On September 8, Bavarian students will sit down at their desks again. According to the Minister-President of the federal state Markus Söder, in the new school year, all students and teachers in Bavaria will have to wear protective masks for the first nine school days.

Whether the rule on wearing masks during lessons will be extended, the authorities will decide depending on the epidemiological situation in the federal state. It is likely that masks in classrooms will need to be worn only in regions with a large number of infected people.

For the first nine days, students are required to wear masks from the fifth grade. Younger students are exempt from this requirement.

Masks are introduced to minimize the risk of infection in schools. The Robert Koch Institute published information that 39% of all infected people have recently contracted coronavirus abroad. Bearing in mind that many people in Bavaria are still enjoying vacations, the rule of wearing masks for the first nine days of the new school year can prevent pockets of infection from developing in schools and kindergartens.

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