Germany: Around 7,860 crown violations in Hesse

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Despite the authorities’ warning, violations of Corona rules are occurring throughout Germany. So far, the Hesse police have recorded about 7,860 violations of the crown rules. This was announced on Friday by the Ministry of the Interior in Wiesbaden at the request of dpa (submission deadline – October 10).

Most of the litigation since March has been about limiting contacts – about 6,500 cases. Thus, the number of violations of the requirements for masks was about 690, more than 440 times orders to close restaurants and playgrounds were ignored. Hygiene rules were not followed 90 times. The total number of violations was fairly constant in August (430) and September (420); in October, 60 cases were counted in the first ten days.

A ministry spokesman noted that the figures include only the reports on administrative offenses drawn up by the police. The size of the fines imposed and the statistical overview of all reports are not recorded centrally, as the responsibility lies with the health authorities and regulators.

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