Germany: Angela Merkel for introducing tougher restrictive measures

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Chancellor Angela Merkel sharply criticized the decisions of the summit of prime ministers of the federal states on coronavirus. “The decisions we have made are not radical enough to avert an impending catastrophe,” said the politician according to information received from conference participants.

The measures taken, agreed by the federal government and the authorities of the federal states, will only lead to the fact that this meeting will have to be repeated at the latest in two weeks in a much more dramatic situation. “What we are doing today is not enough.” Each land is not concerned with solving problems, but looking for a small loophole. “That’s what worries me. And also that the list of health ministries that are not coping with the situation is getting longer ”.

The decisions taken at the summit became known a few hours ago. So, in regions in which the number of infected exceeds 50 cases per 100,000 infected during the week, a curfew is introduced from 23:00. In regions with a rapidly growing number of infected people, an increase in the mask regime is introduced. The issue of accommodation for tourists from inland risk regions has been postponed. The question of the concept of school work in the cold season, apparently, also remains open.

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