Germany and Finland repatriate women and children from Syria

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Two European countries, Germany and Finland, have repatriated five women from northern Syria, some of whom have been sued in their country for membership of the Islamic State (IS) organization, and twelve children, Berlin said. Sunday.

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas described this joint initiative, which took place on Saturday aboard a specially chartered charter plane, as a “humanitarian” operation.

Among the children, including orphans, several of them are sick, which made repatriation “strongly necessary”, he said, promising other actions of this type “in the weeks and months to come. “.

Germany sent three women and twelve children, including some of their own. In the case of Finland, it is 6 children and two women, according to the German Foreign Ministry.

According to several German media, this group was residing in a Kurdish-controlled refugee camp in northern Syria.

The three Germans are 21, 24 and 38 years old. They are targeted in their country of origin by legal proceedings for participation in a terrorist organization.

The three had reached Syria from 2014. Two of them to join members of the Islamic State group there and to marry them, the third by accompanying his partner there, who had ended up being killed, according to the reports. German media.

According to the daily Bild, there are still around 70 adults with German nationality in Kurdish-controlled camps in northern Syria, as well as around 150 children of German nationals.

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