Germany: A glimmer of hope for Bavarian hotels and restaurateurs

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After spring restrictions related to Corona, hotels and restaurants in Bavaria were able to receive significantly more guests in June. According to the State Statistical Office in Fürth, the sharp decline in the number of arrivals and overnight stays is gradually smoothing out.

According to this data, in June 2020, 1.8 million guests were registered in Bavaria. 92.2 percent of them came from Germany. The number of overnight stays was 5.5 million. Compared to June 2019, the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic is clear: the number of arrivals is 54.7 percent, and the number of overnight stays – 44.6 percent lower than the level of the previous year.

However, the minus is unevenly distributed: for country houses and apartments, it is 19.7 percent for arrivals and 5.6 percent for overnight stays. On the other hand, the crisis continues to have a particularly strong impact on school camps and holiday homes.

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