Germany: 7,570 infected, R reduced to 1.25

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On Tuesday evening, it became known about 7 570 identified infections, reported by Focus, citing German health authorities. 55 people have died in the last day as a result of a new type of coronavirus disease. Most deaths per day were recorded in North Rhine-Westphalia 17 cases. Reproduction rate R decreased to 1.25, reported by the Robert Koch Institute. This means that, on average, one infected person infects more than one other person.

Currently, 68 435 people in Germany are sick with coronavirus in Germany. Most infected in North Rhine-Westphalia. As of the evening of October 20, 92,693 people have been infected since the start of the pandemic. During the day, 2,151 new infections and 17 deaths were registered. In total, 1,963 people have died from the virus since the beginning of the pandemic.

In Bavaria, 1,166 new cases and seven deaths were registered per day. In total, 80,966 people fell ill in this federal state, 2,719 of them died. In Baden-Württemberg, the number of infected people – 61 680 people per day increased by 972. In total, 1 946 deaths have been registered since the beginning. Of these, 10 in the last day. The situation in the German capital Berlin remains alarming. Here, over the past 24 hours, 822 infected have been identified. Thus, the number of infected was 22,726. The number of deaths per day increased by two, rising to 243.

Thus, 68 435 people are currently infected with the virus. 879 people infected with Covid-19 are being treated in the intensive care unit (+22 per day). 411 patients (+23 in the last 24 hours) require a ventilator.

The reproduction rate R has slightly decreased in comparison with the previous day and is at around 1.25 (October 19 – 1.35).

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