Germany: 1.4 million customers never received money for tickets from Lufthansa

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Around 1.4 million Lufthansa Group passengers whose flights were canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic are still awaiting a refund. As you know, the company received solid state support and was partially nationalized.

In response to criticism, the company announced that it has made significant progress in processing refunds received over the past few weeks and has reimbursed € 2.3 billion to 5.4 million canceled passengers this year. However, about 8 percent of cases from the first half of the year remained unresolved. Lufthansa promised to complete their processing by the end of August. Thus, most of the open questions are related to recent flight cancellations.

In accordance with EU legislation, airlines are obliged to reimburse the passenger for the ticket within seven days in case of flight cancellation due to the company’s fault. After a pandemic shutdown in March this year, Lufthansa turned off automatic reimbursement processes and insisted on individual checks. Like other companies, she also tried to return coupons to customers. However, this tactic has drawn strong criticism from consumer advocates and reports to aviation authorities.

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