German Teachers Association: schools can become hotbeds of coronavirus spread

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Health policymakers and experts assume that most often the coronavirus is transmitted during events with a large number of guests and among workers in the meat processing industry.

The president of the German Teachers’ Association, Heinz-Peter Meidinger, warns that schools could also become hotbeds of the coronavirus. In the current period of time, infections have also spread through students in schools, – he said in an interview with Passauer Neue Presse. The assertion of some politicians that the few infections detected before the current moment among students and teachers were brought into schools mainly from the outside “is no longer an axiom.” A number of cases have been registered when the infection process actually originates from students or teaching staff.

Despite this fact, Meidinger opposes the introduction of a nationwide requirement to wear masks in class. In his opinion, this measure should not operate on a national scale. It is necessary to take into account the epidemiological situation in the region, as well as the age of the children. Students under the age of ten are less likely to transmit infections than high school students. According to Meidinger, the obligation to wear protective masks during lessons for high school students in regions with high infection rates is the right measure.

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