German Pediatric Association: Teachers must wear masks during lessons too

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The federal states were unable to develop uniform norms for wearing masks at school. Most Länder advocate the need for a mask on school grounds, but not during lessons. Thomas Fischbach, president of the German Pediatric Association, believes that at least teachers should wear protective masks or bandages during lessons.

According to the doctor, this measure “makes sense” for the teaching staff. Adhering to the recommended minimum distance in classrooms is often impossible. “When the teacher stands in front of the class, he is in the same situation as in the choir. Infection by airborne droplets spreads throughout the room. Teachers can become super-distributors, ”says Fischbach.

The expert drew attention to the fact that “during the emergence of the last foci of coronavirus in schools, in most cases, it was teachers who brought the virus from the outside.”

Fischbach demands quick decisions ahead of the coming fall / winter season. “The number of infections will certainly increase – and the situation could pose serious problems for us in connection with the upcoming flu epidemic.”

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