German cities oppose lump-sum cancellation of Christmas markets

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The unification of German cities opposes the lump-sum cancellation of Christmas markets due to the coronavirus pandemic. Especially if the decision is being made now – a few months before the fair.

“I really hope that in winter there will be cities and regions with low infection rates,” said the executive director of the association Gerd Landsberg. “In this case, it will be possible to hold Christmas markets in these cities. Naturally, provided that the developed concepts of protection against infection are observed. “

“Consequently, we should not cancel all upcoming fairs on a lump-sum basis now. It should be advised that cities should respond depending on the epidemiological situation. It is recommended to cancel the fairs only if the situation worsens. ” In the event of a rapidly growing number of new coronavirus infections, public events that are attended by large numbers of people, such as Christmas markets, are not possible.

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