George Martin spoke about Trump’s behavior in the debate

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The author of the cult books that became the basis of the series “Game of Thrones”, George Martin condemned Donald Trump’s behavior in a debate with the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

“Donald Trump dishonored the presidency last night. He urinated on democracy, ”wrote a writer on his blog, whose books are considered exemplary descriptions of political intrigue. Martin rarely comments on political topics, but in this case he could not restrain himself. According to him, even if we postpone all other issues, such as race relations, climate change and the pandemic, the past debate proved that “Joe Biden is a decent man, but Donald Trump is not.”

The writer clarified that he had never seen anything like what happened yesterday. “It was disgusting, offensive, disgusting,” the author added, accusing the current president of “shocking lies”, “slander” and “personal attacks.”

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