General cleaning will be carried out in the “Opuksky” reserve in Crimea: visitors litter

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The reserve will hold a clean-up day on October 23-24.

The Crimean authorities spoke about the deterioration of the ecological situation in the natural reserve “Opuksky”. The reason for this was the visitors of the reserve, who ignore the rules of being in this natural area.

“Sometimes people do not think about the consequences of their” visits “to nature, do not want to issue a Visiting Permit, and having received one, they decide that they can enter the reserve by transport or other heavy equipment, litter,” the Crimean Reserves Directorate said.

Inspectors in the field of environmental protection drew up 132 protocols and 28 definitions regarding visitors to the reserve who do not comply with the rules for visiting it. Also, the reserve has planned a “general cleaning”, which will involve volunteers. The Saturday clean-up will take place on October 23-24.

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