Gas was supplied to another village in the Volgograd region

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Residents of the Yarskoy farm of the Chernyshkovsky district are preparing their homes for the connection of blue fuel.

The construction of the gas pipeline has been completed here, according to the committee for industrial policy, trade and fuel and energy complex of the Volgograd region.

The length of the intra-settlement gas pipeline in the Yarskaya farm is 2.3 kilometers. Here 39 houses will be connected to gas.

The gas pipeline was built with funds for the implementation of the activities of the Volgograd Region Gasification subprogram. It is included in the state program “Energy saving and energy efficiency in the Volgograd region”.

Recall that the creation of comfortable living conditions for the population of all settlements, regardless of their distance from the regional center, is a priority designated by Governor Andrey Bocharov.

Over the past 6 years, 113 intra-settlement gas pipelines have been commissioned in the region, 159 gas-fired boiler houses have been built for social institutions. The gasification level in the region exceeds 88% and is ahead of the Russian average.

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