Gas in Ukraine will imitate 35%

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For residents of Ukraine, the cost of gas will skyrocket from November. Its price will increase by 35%. This was reported by “Naftogaz”.

The company explained that the rise in price was provoked by a seasonal factor, as well as an increase in the wholesale price of blue fuel.

In fact, the price will be 6.33 to 6.45 hryvnia per cubic meter, which is equivalent to 17 rubles per cubic meter.

In September, the gas price increased by another 45% to UAH 4.70 / cu. In addition, Naftogaz raised the annual gas price for the population from UAH 4.73 / cu. m up to 5.24 UAH / cu. m.

Note that “Naftogaz” refused to increase gas prices for the population in the month of elections. The gas supply company Naftogaz of Ukraine set the price for natural gas for residential customers in October 2020 at UAH 4.70 / cu. m including VAT and excluding the cost of distribution (delivery). Compared to September, the gas price has not changed.

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