From January 1, child support in Germany will increase

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Separated parents will have to pay more child support in the coming year. The basic maintenance allowance for minors will increase from January 2021. Alimony for children who have reached the age of majority will also increase. As before, child support counts towards child support.

Fathers or mothers who decide to leave the family and do not live with their children will have to pay more alimony in the new year. From January 1, 2021, the rates of the Düsseldorf table, which the family courts use to determine the amount of maintenance, will change. The table is published by the Supreme Regional Court of Düsseldorf.

In accordance with the table, the minimum amount of alimony for minors under six years of age (1st age group) will be 393 euros from January 1 instead of 369 euros previously paid. For children of seven years old and until the end of the twelfth year (2nd age group) 451 euros (until January 2021 – 424 euros). Children over 13 years of age until the age of majority (3rd age group) should receive 528 euros instead of the 497 euros previously paid by the living separately.

From January 1, alimony for adult children will also increase. In the new year they will amount to 563 euros. The amount that an adult child who is studying and living separately from his parents can claim remains the same as in 2020 – 860 euros (including 375 euros for rent and heating).

As you know, alimony is paid depending on the amount of income that parents living separately from their children have. The table is divided into 10 groups. Separate parents with an income of up to € 1,900 pay alimony the least. The tenth group includes mums and dads, whose income is between 5,101 and 5,500 euros. 5,500 is the maximum rate at which the alimony is calculated according to the table. Alimony for a parent with an income of up to € 5,550 is € 629 for a child under five. And for a child over 18 years old – 903 euros per month.

The amount of alimony when calculating the height of alimony in a particular situation is also influenced by the number of children who should be paid alimony. Here it is necessary to distinguish between the obligation to pay alimony according to the table and the actual solvency, depending on the individual situation of the alimony payer. If the parent receives more than 5,500 euros, child support may exceed the rate indicated in the Düsseldorf table only if there is a reason for it – the special needs of the child.

Child benefit is counted as the amount paid when calculating the amount required for the child according to the table. If the child is a minor, alimony is reduced by half of the allowance. If the child is an adult – for the entire amount of the benefit.

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