From 15 to 30 October the wind of good change will blow for the 3 signs of the zodiac

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When a warm cyclone comes to life, it brings with it the wind of change. He – always fresh, sometimes impetuous, but always kind – portends positive changes. So the second half of October will fill the life of the representatives of the 3 zodiac constellations with the winds of good changes.

Who is destined to spread their wings, going towards the fateful wind?


The wind of change will fill the life of the representatives of this zodiac sign with power. Recently, Aries had to solve a lot of problems. There were many disappointments. But that’s all in the past! Take a closer look: there is a person next to you who is ready to lend a shoulder and help in solving problems. Stop relying only on yourself! It’s time for team play! You have someone to share your problems with.


The twists and turns of fate of the representatives of this sign can rather be called zigzags of luck. Sagittarius has a lot of light ahead – pleasant events, lucky coincidences, happy chances that they will certainly take advantage of. Life will no longer be the same – it will be much better! This will be a reward for the hard work and patience that have distinguished Streltsov in recent times.


An end comes to all the troubles of the representatives of this zodiac sign. Capricorns in the second half of October will feel a fresh breath, they just need to correctly prioritize and decide what is more important for them at this stage – a successful career or a happy personal life. Alas, few will be able to keep their luck on both fronts, but it’s worth a try. The rest will have to choose.

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