Fraudsters can obtain customer data through ecosystems

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The Bank of Russia plans to strengthen regulatory measures for information security of financial ecosystems. The press service of the regulator told Izvestia about this.

Personal data can leak through non-banking ecosystem services, so their security, as well as the level of security of information transfer channels, should be the same as those of banks, said Alexey Voylukov, vice president of the Association of Banks of Russia.

In 2021, the Central Bank will publish a report on the risks associated with the development of ecosystems, including how they affect market competition.

Banks from the top 30 are actively developing ecosystems and increasing the number of remote services that they include. In 2020, their popularity has grown significantly. However, the more systems there are, the higher the risks of attack and data leakage, especially when services automatically interact with each other, said Alexander Kovalev, deputy general director of Zecurion.

There were cases when fraudsters received a copy of customer data from the servers of the organization’s subsidiaries, said Sergey Golovanov, a leading expert at Kaspersky Lab.

First of all, regulatory measures should concern payments and methods of transferring and storing customer data, says Vyacheslav Kasimov, director of the information security department of ICB.

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