France: country versus city

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The story happened in one of the villages in the south-east of France. Here, as in other villages, under quarantine due to the coronavirus epidemic, townspeople who do not like everything in the rural lifestyle began to move, and they are trying to remake everything for themselves.

One such immigrant was very disturbed by a neighbor’s rooster, which, in full accordance with the laws of nature, began to sing at dawn. And the city dweller did not find anything better than to simply kill the vociferous bird. The indignant owner, who lost the decoration of his chicken coop, filed a lawsuit against the murderer. And he didn’t stop there. He published a petition on the social network, in which he demanded to fairly punish the fastidious neighbor, who had never even complained about the rooster bothering him.

About 80,000 signatures have already been put under the petition, and the collection continues. People are ready to defend the way of rural life that has developed over many centuries and are opposed to the townspeople dictating their own rules to them. By the way, a corresponding law has already been developed and even considered by the lower house of the French parliament, designed to give local authorities more authority in this matter. In the fall, the document is to be adopted in the upper chamber, reports.

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