Four people died in a fire in the Kholmogory region

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On the night of January 9, in the village of Lomonosovo in the Kholmogorsk region, a two-story wooden apartment house burned. Rescuers received the message about the fire at about midnight. For extinguishing, forces from the district center were used, separated from the village by an ice crossing. Its carrying capacity allowed tankers filled with water to drive on ice.

By the time the firemen arrived, the outer entrance of the house was engulfed in fire. It was there that there were a few residential apartments. The building was declared emergency, but it was not disconnected from communications. Therefore, the probable cause of fire is considered the emergency operation of electrical wiring or heating furnaces.

The burnt bodies of four people were found on the ground floor of the house. The identities of the victims are being established. It is possible that people lived in different apartments on both floors, but due to the burning of the ceiling, they all ended up on the lower floor.

The burning was eliminated only by 7 o’clock in the morning. The pouring and dismantling of the structures continued for several more hours.

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