Former civil engineer of the Astrakhan branch of JSC “Tander” was guilty of commercial bribery

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6 crime episodes in 3 years

Getting a good position, some people stop seeing the boundaries of what is permissible, considering themselves above the law and conscience. Sooner or later, this behavior brings them to the dock, especially if their appetites start to grow steadily.

The press service of the Investigation Department reports that in Astrakhan a former civil engineer of the Astrakhan branch of Tander JSC was found guilty in 6 episodes of commercial bribery.

While working in his position, the convict offered his friend the general director of a construction company to help him in resolving issues of concluding work contracts, promised unhindered acceptance of overhaul objects and timely payment of labor. For his services, he demanded a reward, namely, to transfer money and property to him. To finally convince an acquaintance, he threatened him that if he refused, he would create obstacles to the success of the company. Allegedly, by refusing to pay the convict, it will be difficult for the director to get money for the work done.

The offender managed to scare his acquaintance, and in the period from August 2015 to August 2018, he gave him two foreign cars for use, money in the amount of 600 thousand rubles and household appliances in the amount of 112 thousand rubles, so that he would accept the completed repairs of shopping facilities of JSC “Tander” , where the convict worked.

Now the Astrakhan will have to serve 8 years behind bars in a strict regime colony for his greed.

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