Former British agent provided the FBI with another dossier on Trump

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Former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele provided the FBI with a second dossier containing incriminating evidence on former US President Donald Trump during his reign. This was announced on Tuesday, May 4, by the Telegraph newspaper, citing sources.

The material says that the dossier with incriminating evidence was provided to the American authorities during the presidential term of Donald Trump. As specified, Christopher Steele continued to provide such information through the use of his company Orbis Business Intelligencee.

Christopher Steele compiled a compromising dossier on Donald Trump in 2016 at the request of the ex-president’s political opponents. The information spread to the press after the 2016 US presidential election.

In 2015, Democratic supporters and Trump opponents hired research firm Fusion GPS, led by Glenn Simpson, to compile a negative dossier on Trump. Later, Christopher Steele, the head of the London firm of ex-British intelligence officers, was involved in the work. The BuzzFeed portal published a document claiming that “Russian agents” have incriminating information about Trump.

Trump’s headquarters spent more than $ 1 million on the so-called Russian case.

In July 2020, the American media declassified the identity of Steele’s “source”. According to them, it turned out to be an analyst Igor Danchenko, who was born in Ukraine and raised in Russia. After that he worked in the USA, being a specialist in Russia and Eurasia.

In September, US Senator Lindsay Graham called the man who became the source of the compromising material on Trump “a possible Russian agent”, and after a while Trump posted a post on his Twitter, which said that Danchenko was a “Russian agent.”