Foreign Ministry advised the US Ambassador to obey Kandelaki

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The Russian Foreign Ministry responded to a Christmas letter from US Ambassador John Sullivan, which he wrote to Santa Claus. The message with the wishes was previously published on the diplomat’s page on the social network. In it, he said that in 2020 he “behaved very well, wore a mask, kept his distance.” In this regard, Sullivan asked Santa for the coronavirus vaccine, a hockey stick, and running shoes.

“Dear Ambassador, Has Santa already fulfilled your vaccination dream?” – reads the response message of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Russian diplomats added that if the wishes of the American ambassador have not yet come true, then “our Santa Claus has gifts for you.” Among the presented presentations is the Russian vaccine against coronavirus.

Also, in an address to the ambassador, diplomats advised him to pay attention to the Russian-made sticks, which President Vladimir Putin uses on the ice.

When it comes to choosing sneakers for sports, Sullivan was advised to seek advice from Tina Kandelaki, who is known for her love of fitness.

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