Football referee beaten by Shirokov went to police

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Arbiter Nikita Danchenkov, beaten during an amateur match by the former Russian national team player Roman Shirokov, turned to the police. This was announced on August 11 by the head of the Moscow Collegium of Football Judges Sergei Frantsuzov.

“As far as I know, Nikita filed a statement with the police. Further, the situation will develop in the legal field. We will watch, we will not let her go. It was a blow with a fist not only on the judge, but on the reputation of the entire Russian judiciary, ”TASS quoted him as saying.

Frantsuzov noted that the arbitrator’s health was normal and expressed solidarity with Danchenkov in his desire to investigate this situation through the courts. Shirokov himself did not apologize personally to Danchenkov.

“Shirokov humiliated himself with this act, then let the competent authorities deal with him,” Frantsuzov stressed.

The incident took place on August 10 at the stadium of the Spartak Academy in a match with the participation of the team of the Match TV channel. The referee showed Shirokov a red card for swearing, after which the player attacked the referee and beat him. The published footage shows that after the blow, the judge fell, while Shirokov tried to strike the lying man.

In turn, Danchenkov announced his health on Instagram that he had been in the hospital for 4–4.5 hours, he had stitches, a number of examinations were carried out, that “everything is fine with him”.

The next day, the Moscow Football Federation promised to deal with the incident between Shirokov and Danchenkov. Federation President Sergei Anokhin noted that Danchenkov is a member of the city panel of judges and is recommended to serve games in the OLYMP-Russian Football Championship among PFL teams. The President said that the federation always protects its judges and staff.

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