Foods capable of accelerating aging have been identified

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Turkish newspaper Sabah named 10 foods that cause rapid aging of the body.

According to the authors of the article, excessive consumption of refined sugar can damage proteins and lipids in the body, which leads to damage to skin collagen and contributes to the development of wrinkles.

Fast food, fried fatty foods, margarine, and canned foods contain trans fats, which not only increase the risk of heart disease, but also clog blood vessels and slow blood flow.

Consuming salt forces the body to retain water, which leads to thirst and swelling. Dehydration makes the skin age earlier.

Coffee and processed meats, including sausages and sausages, can also cause dehydration. They also reduce the amount of vitamin C in the body, which is important for collagen formation.

Spicy food affects the circulatory system. It dilates blood vessels, which leads to age-related skin changes. Also, regular consumption of spices can cause allergic reactions and bloating or persistent redness.

The authors of the article advise you to stop eating meat cooked on coals if it is burnt. It also ages the skin, the material states.

On October 4, journalists from the Deutsche Welle TV and radio company tried to understand the consequences of avoiding meat, sugar and carbohydrates, the high consumption of which is harmful to health.

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