“Floating” schedule: in Tver told about innovations in the educational process

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Now in Tver at the final stage of acceptance of schools for the new academic year. In connection with the epidemiological situation, the training will take place in an unusual mode.

Earlier, the governor of the Tver region, Igor Rudenya, noted that training will begin in person and with strict observance of all sanitary standards, for example, the separation of schoolchildren from different groups and disinfection of premises.

“This year the educational process will have certain features,” said Vladimir Morgos, deputy head of the education department of the Tver city administration. – Therefore, the necessary adjustments are made to the class schedule and curriculum. This is done in order to reduce contact between students in different grades and to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

Recall that an office will be assigned to each class (except for the gym and the computer class, they will be disinfected regularly), a “floating” schedule of classes and meals in canteens will be established (to avoid crossing schoolchildren). Physical education will take place in the fresh air, at the entrance to the educational institution everyone will have their temperature measured.

As for public events, as Vladimir Morgos noted, there are strict restrictions on this matter until January 1, 2021. However, inside the class “lights” and various thematic events can be held. School rulers will take place, you can visit them only with a mask and gloves.

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