Five people detained in the case of abducting Lady Gaga’s dogs

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Los Angeles police have detained five people suspected of abducting two French bulldogs that belong to singer Lady Gaga. This was announced on Thursday, April 29, by the ABC channel.

“It was a blatant street crime that seriously injured a person,” said Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon.

Three out of five detainees are suspected of robbery and attempted murder of Lady Gaga’s assistant Ryan Fisher, the Los Angeles Police Department noted.

Investigators believe the suspects were primarily motivated by the high cost of the French Bulldogs.

According to the TV channel, the woman who helped find the singer’s dogs may be linked to one of the detainees. The four suspects are members of an officially registered criminal gang, police added.

On February 25, Fischer was walking Lady Gaga’s three dogs when he was approached by two people who tried to kidnap them. During the conflict, Fischer was shot, and two of the three dogs were put in a car and driven away. Another pet managed to escape, and was later found. Fischer was hospitalized and recovered from being wounded in March.