Fitch Names Potential Date For Launching Nord Stream 2

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The launch of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline is theoretically possible before the end of the first apartment in 2021, said Dmitry Marinchenko, director of the group for natural resources and commodities of the international rating agency Fitch.

“In theory, in a few months it is possible to have time to complete construction and launch a project. That is, you can catch up to the end of the first quarter, ”he explained.

According to Marinchenko, the intention to complete the project as soon as possible may be related to the process of power change in the United States. However, the expert added, it cannot be ruled out that “some logistical or legal difficulties” may arise. A Fitch spokesman noted that only after the gas pipeline is launched, it will be possible to say that the sanctions risks have finally been smoothed out.

Earlier it was reported that Nord Stream 2 AG intends to resume laying the pipeline in December 2020. According to preliminary data, work will begin on 5 December south of the Adlergrund area, where the end of the pipe is located, which leads from the gas distribution station towards the Baltic Sea. About 75 km are missing to complete the project.

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