Firefighters launched a flash mob after Samburskaya said they were “princes riding a goat”

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In social networks, a flash mob of Russian firefighters began using the hashtag #Samburskayaneogon. This was facilitated by the artist’s careless statement about their salaries. The man is invited to a date by the actress Nastasya Samburskaya. The day before, she said that she would never have married a firefighter because of too low a salary. Samburskaya indicated that no one bothers them to choose a more profitable field of activity.

“Well, gentlemen! Have you driven to samburskaya for a date? We choose the most beautiful ones from the guard, chirp from our brother to the path and where ours did not disappear, ”one of the organizers announced the action.

The son of Russian artist Nikas Safronov, pianist Luka Zatravkin, also reacted to the words of Nastasya Samburskaya about unwillingness to meet with men who receive 30 thousand rubles a month. The actress called firefighters and investigators with such an income “princes riding a goat.” According to Zatravkin, famous people should not flaunt their “dark side”, but, on the contrary, try to “bring in a little light and kind, even if you are not like that.” The musician believes that a loving woman can even make a “general” out of a simple man. But if you immediately wait for the prince on a white horse, then you can be left with nothing.

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