Figure skater Slutskaya said she was terminally ill

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Figure skater Irina Slutskaya in the special project “Googling a Star” admitted that for several years she has been suffering from an illness that cannot be cured, reports. Slutskaya has rheumatoid vascular disease – vasculitis, and in order to maintain her vitality, the athlete is forced to use hormonal drugs.

Slutskaya’s disease is dangerous because it can lead to pulmonary bleeding and renal failure. Slutskaya also has asthma. This bouquet of diseases can lead to the fact that she can seriously gain weight.

The skater noted that, despite the fact that she has such a serious illness, she managed to get pregnant and give birth. Although the doctors had serious doubts about this. Slutskaya’s pregnancy was carried out by five doctors, and the birth went without complications.

Slutskaya has three children – a boy and two girls. Son Artem – he is 13 years old, he used to play hockey, and now he loves aviation, the eldest daughter is fond of ice dancing, and the youngest is less than a year old.

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