Fighting Kazan elephants were sent to retire in Crimea

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Two female elephants from the Kazan zoo, who recently had a fight right during the performance, were transported to the Crimea. As the owner of two Crimean zoos, Oleg Zubkov, said, the animals “have come for a well-deserved rest.”

According to Zubkov, he had long dreamed of bringing elephants to Crimea, but due to the sanctions regime, it was not possible to reach an agreement with European zoos. Now the collective of the Crimean zoological gardens has been replenished with two 40-year-old female elephants.

Zubkov noted that after years of performances in the arena, the psyche of the animals was undermined, because the elephants began to behave aggressively. He expressed hope that in the new spacious enclosure “their mental state will return to normal.”

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