FIFA referee Alexey Nikolaev spoke about the refereeing of the 10th round of the RPL

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FIFA referee Alexei Nikolaev discussed with the Sport-Express correspondent the resonant moments of the 10th round of the Tinkoff of the Russian Premier League.

Answering the question about what happened between the footballers Norman and Noboa in the Rostov – Sochi match, Nikolaev noted that for an accurate understanding of what happened it is necessary to be in the thick of things, so the judge Turbin would have answered this question better.

According to him, the broadcast shows how Noboa jumps from two legs and tries to play the ball, but painfully hits Norman. Nikolaev noted that he understands the natural reaction of a football player after such a violation.

“It remains a mystery to me why a person who could have been seriously injured by Noboa received a yellow card. Naturally, after such a violation, the players’ emotions were at their limit, ”the referee said.

At the same time, he noted that many say that the Norwegian was the instigator of some kind of mass confrontation, but it is difficult to see it, because he did not concern Noboa. Nikolaev believes that Norman just wanted to sort things out, but his partners and the judge did not let him do it. At the same time, the referee stressed that according to all football canons, there should not have been a warning.

Nikolaev also answered the question about the reaction to the incident of the coach of “Rostov” Valery Karpina, who was sent off during the match. According to the referee, after such a match, the emotions of the players, coaches and referees overwhelm. He did not discuss Karpin’s words, but noted that he did not notice the dialogue in a raised voice.

“Now the participants in this episode will have to explain what happened at the FTC, where they will certainly be invited and listened to their positions, which will become public,” added Nikolaev.

Another topic of discussion was the work of Vladimir Moskalev at the match “Rubin” – “Akhmat”, which ended in a draw, and the removal of Yevtich in two warnings within four minutes. Nikolaev believes that even in the first episode, Yevtich could have earned a removal, but received only a warning.

The second time there were grounds for a warning, but not as serious as in the first episode. Collectively, he played enough to remove.

Football club Sochi on October 4 beat Rostov in the home match of the 10th round of the Tinkoff Russian Premier League championship. The game ended with a score of 4: 2. In the 63rd minute, the player of “Rostov” Mathias Normann received a second yellow card, in connection with which the team finished the match in the minority.

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