Fewer Americans support the BLM movement

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American support for the Black Lives Matter protests has declined since demonstrations began immediately after the death of George Floyd in May, which escalated into pogroms, arson and looting in several cities.

This was shown by a public opinion poll conducted by Reuters / Ipsos in late July, in which 52% of American adults said they continue to sympathize with those who still protest against police treatment of minorities, especially African Americans. This is about 12% lower than in a similar survey conducted in mid-June. The current poll also revealed the American reaction to Trump’s decision to send federal agents to suppress protests in some cities despite local resistance. Overall, 54% of Americans disapprove of these actions (in June – 58%), but they received the support of 78% of Republicans (67% in June). Nearly 9 out of 10 Democrats oppose how Trump is reacting to the protests, and that hasn’t changed since June.

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