Feng Shui forecast for Novosibirsk on April 29

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Today is good for almost any business, except for those that are of exceptional importance and can have an impact on your whole life, warns astrologer Agata Sumarokova.

Thursday, April 29 – Fire Goat Day. The meaning of the day is “Equilibrium”, the lunar stop is “The Well”. An infrequent favorable combination of daytime and lunar energies, which not only complement, but reinforce each other. “Equilibrium” allows you to achieve balance in your life, to strengthen your position where you feel weak and unprotected, to slightly ease the pressure where your attention has been overly focused recently.

On such a day, it is better to try to avoid new controversial situations and conflicts – they can drag on for a long time, because the forces of all parties will be approximately equal. But old disputes just can and should be ended on such a day, because it will be easy to reach a compromise in them.

Despite a good combination of the indicator of luck and the constellation that reigns today, for today it is better not to plan everything that happens several times in life and is aimed at a long-term existence: weddings, moving to a new place of residence, starting a new business, etc. The destroyer of the year and one of the days of the month, when the general state of affairs worsens, warns against such occupations.

This warning is especially important for those who were born in the year, month or day of the Ox: to the destroyer of the year and month, you also add the destroyer of the day.