Feng Shui forecast for Novosibirsk on April 26

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On the eve of the full moon, Novosibirsk people are waiting for a good day, but today emotions are overwhelming, you need to try to control them, advises astrologer Agata Sumarokova.

Monday, April 26 – Wood Dragon Day, meaning of the day – “Establishment”. A good day to start important things that you plan to do for a long time and profitably: for negotiations with potential business partners, discussing future work projects, employment, enrollment in training, and so on. A marriage proposal is also best done on such a day. The Lunar Mansion “Network” is one of the auspicious and supports the energy of the day: things started today lead to the reconciliation of rivals and the achievement of the common good.

Problems can arise with short-term cases and cases with a clearly defined deadline; if you start them today, you need to remember that you will not be able to finish them on time without problems.

Today it is not recommended to risk those. who was born in the day, month or year of the Dog; luck will turn away from you today, so it is better to limit yourself to routine matters.