Feng Shui forecast for Novosibirsk on April 20

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A difficult day with conflicting energies awaits the citizens of Novosibirsk today. astrologer Agatha Sumarokova warns.

Tuesday, April 20 – Day of the Earth Dog, the meaning of the day is “Destruction”. The day is considered extremely unfavorable for any action other than destructive (sometimes it is necessary to destroy). This is primarily about destruction in the direct, physical sense of the word, so if you need to break something, then today is just a good moment. It is considered. that any business or financial activity will be unsuccessful: negotiations will fail, the purchase will be defective, partners will put forward unacceptable demands at the last moment. Of course, this is not the best day to start building and getting married.

Today there is also a bright side – this is the lunar parking “Palata”. It is considered one of the most favorable in the lunar cycle and portends increased profits, business success and fertility in marriage. She cannot resist the destructive energy of the day (so we take into account all the prohibitions and minimize the activity), but a child born today will be lucky and will certainly become a wealthy person (for birth, the stop of the moon is more important than the energy of the birthday).

Those who were born on the day, month or year of the Dragon should be especially careful today, since Tuesday can be a day of mistakes and disappointments for you.