Wildfire intensifies around Cape Town, South Africa

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Around the capital of South Africa, Cape Town, a wildfire intensified, which broke out on Sunday, April 18. This was reported by the Associated Press with reference to the mayor of the city Dan Plateau.

According to him, a strong wind contributes to the spread of fire in all directions. During the briefing, Plateau added that the fire will last “not one or two days.” He specified that the area of ​​the fire had already reached 500 hectares, the website 360tv.ru writes.

Between 4,000 and 5,000 firefighters are involved in extinguishing the fire, and they are also assisted by volunteers. On Monday, April 19, rescuers managed to take control of the situation, they are eliminating new fires that arise against the backdrop of strong winds and an air temperature of +35 degrees. The localization of the fire took more than a day. Firefighting helicopters were used to extinguish on Sunday. They took water from the ocean and threw it onto the flames. During the fight with the fire, four firefighters were injured.

Several thousand residents of Cape Town’s suburbs were evacuated Monday morning as the fire crept close to their homes.

The fire began on the slopes of Table Mountain near Cape Town on the morning of 18 April. According to eyewitnesses, three men lit the fire. Presumably, one of them has already been detained, and two more are being searched for.

The campus and library of Cape Town University were on fire. Students and teachers were evacuated on time. None of them were hurt, the website kp.ru writes. Also, due to the fire, the N3 highway, which connects the capital with the city of Durban, was closed.

The fire also destroyed a restaurant and tea garden next to the famous memorial to South African politician Cecil Rhodes.