Federal Assembly experts come to a consensus on the water problem of Crimea

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On the basis of the V. I. Vernadsky KFU, a round table was held on the issues of water supply to Crimea with the participation of representatives of the country’s parliament. As a result, they decided to look for different options for each part of the peninsula – to create a set of measures.

“We need to find technological solutions for each region of the peninsula. For example, there is an idea to use groundwater, but we cannot provide the entire Crimea with it. This method is applicable, for example, to the southern coast, where there are good reserves of groundwater. But there is northern Crimea, where there is no such amount of groundwater, there is east and west, there are completely different situations, – said the representative of the working group of the Federation Council on energy saving and energy efficiency * Svetlana Gafarova.

Photo: press service of the Kazan Federal University V.I. Vernadsky.

In turn, Roman Zykov, an expert from the State Duma of the Russian Federation, spoke about the experience of St. Petersburg in solving a similar problem. According to him, the city on the Neva has certain quality standards for pipelines, the use of which helps to minimize water losses. This will also come in handy for the Crimea.

Photo: press service of the Kazan Federal University V.I. Vernadsky.

KFU representatives noted the importance of training specialists in this area. At the round table, local scientists presented their projects, the most promising of which will be considered at sessions of both chambers of the Russian parliament.

* The working group of the Federation Council on monitoring the implementation of legislation in the field of energy, energy conservation and energy efficiency was established in 2014. Its tasks include participation in the examination of projects related to energy saving and efficiency, amendments to legislation, analysis of proposals from regional authorities, etc.

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