Fatal system mistakes in the American education system

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7 Reasons Why the US Education System Doesn’t Work!

Recently, of course today, I saw a video on Facebook asking university students simple questions about social media, historical facts, events and the people who run our country. The result was at least amazing! Serious failures and inability to name individuals, places or events. And again, these would mean that you have to spend for these processes.

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The formal education system in the United States is designed to provide basic education to meet the needs of the Industrial Revolution. Very simple, isn’t it? So why don’t you recognize that the requirements are different today? The education system has not recalculated or evolved. This is dangerous and will slowly determine the failure of our country before we fall into the social gathering of ignorance.

Let’s look at the cause and the solution.

Close to business!

Schools must adapt to community standards and financial constraints, community support … or minority. As a result, schools across the country are closing at an alarming rate. The decision to close the school underscores the needs of the community, and most importantly, the needs of the students!

Apparently, societies pay less attention to their children’s educational needs than to the economic needs of the school campus or the available resources. Where is the federal government when that happens? They need to be partially blamed. Government rhetoric highlights the need for low-quality education, while urging school systems to adhere to special federal rules and regulations that meet political requirements. Much for federal cooperation.

Two gallons of milk per gallon!

So how many kids can you put in the classroom and read effectively? Everything you want to teach children or provide day care. I know it’s tough, but look at today’s school activities. They take your children home and feed them 6-7 hours a day. Maybe because they are given basic discipline and food, they will rarely find a home! Oops, admin. Teachers need to discipline your children in a crowded environment to meet the basic needs that parents do not want, are illiterate or unable to provide, and education does not lag behind. Stop, what about education? Well, there is very little time to take care of them.

Second, due to limitations in federal guidelines, children are taught cookie-cutter style, limiting identities, reducing creativity, and individual inhibition of growth. Basic education and basic education, aligned with the basic standards that meet the basic needs of children. Unfortunately, as is done in many classes, teachers need to “teach” children. How successful is it?

If you always do what you do … you will always get what you get!

How can we expect our children to be better when their parents are less educated? It is important to understand that a poor education cycle will lead to poorly educated children and poorly educated children. Due to poor economy or lack of opportunities, parents are busy living nowadays and have very little time to educate their children not only in school but also at home. It is important for parents to be at least educated at an early age, as they do not have the foresight or experience to guide a young person in the right direction. As a result, student failures and disruptions to the country’s future are once again the subject. Whether you are struggling to live a life that does not give your children time to study at home, even if you are poor, or to pursue a career that does not give your children time in the future Give Home. Somehow education suffers.

Always less than one announcement!

I once said I was stupid. I was told that I could never learn because I did not have the basic ability to understand or comprehend what a common man wants to know. You may think, today I am looking for a candidate for education. I received several degrees from higher education and was officially recognized as a teacher for my teaching skills and speeches. So take it!

If a child wants to resist, the child must recognize its value. Every child is talented and an expert in something, for which he should be recognized immediately. Oh, there will be failures, but that’s part of the lesson, like us.