Fatal days of August according to astrology

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Get ready: August 16, 17 and 18 will be a period of complete uncontrollability. At this time, a lot of fatal mistakes will be made, and all calculations will be incorrect. Astrologer Alina Ibrahim warns about this.

– Watch your words and deeds, spend the whole August paying more control and attention to children. Be attentive at work and to your health, the astrologer strongly recommends.

Another insidious aspect of August is the Mars-Saturn square, which will affect us all month and will reach its exact value on August 23-24. This is the classic evil aspect, the destructive energy of which often sweeps away everything in its path. Therefore, everyone, without exception, in the last decade of the month needs to be extremely attentive and careful people.

After August 24, its influence will not end, the negative will be concentrated, and its second explosive peak will fall on September 29. It will go through absolutely everyone and everyone in different areas.

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