Far-right terrorism

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Over the past few weeks I have posted posts on the influence of the movement woke as well as the violent outbursts of some of the protests that have rocked the country since the death of George Floyd.

These tickets came to my mind while watching Jacob Blake’s video as well as watching the 17-year-old who opened fire on three protesters, killing two of them. I am willing to denounce the hold of a movement whose strategy I do not particularly appreciate, the woke, and it seems normal to me to question the presence in the ranks of the demonstrators of violent factions who destroy everything in their path.

President Trump and his administration reacted swiftly, deploying extreme means while simultaneously calling the woke and violent protesters of representatives of the far left. Again Tuesday evening, Donald Trump tried to reassure his fellow citizens by taking care of his image as the president of law and order.

We deplore the looting and destruction of private or public property, we can also oppose the doctrinaire inclination of a certain American left, but what are we doing to counter the spread of the craziest QAnon theories or even repeated actions? far-right terrorists?

Yet, since taking office, President Trump has been repeatedly made aware of this issue, both by the Department of Homeland Security and by the FBI. The POLITICO site reported Wednesday morning that specialists in the issue, frustrated by the president’s inaction, ended up giving up. Only the immigration file caught his attention, essentially everything to do with the border with Mexico.

First excited by Donald Trump’s promises in 2016 and by his keen interest in security issues, Homeland security employees have since become disillusioned and give up. We are now awaiting the next administration, whether in 2020 or 2024. For the president, security policies are tainted by the racial question, the sad events in Charlottesville and the president’s refusal to condemn the far right confirming the trend.

The president’s inaction or disinterest in countering domestic terrorism, mainly linked to the far right, is accompanied by a worrying attitude towards the QAnon movement. Regularly associated with the far right and domestic terrorism, the movement seems to please Donald Trump. Asked recently about the presence of multiple Republican candidates who partner with QAnon, the president said the movement is made up of patriots who love their country.

Whether it is by refusing to take an interest in the fight against far-right terrorism or by emphasizing the value of a group whose actions and statements the FBI deplores, the American president once again demonstrates an obvious bias. Law and order are only valid for what he considers the extreme left?

There is only one evening left at the Republican convention. We were promised a positive message. It does not matter whether the president is seen with in the company of representatives of minorities or whether they are paraded at the microphone, the votes of many of these communities will be difficult to obtain.

On Wednesday night, Mike Pence chose to modify his speech to adapt it to incidents unfolding elsewhere in the country. Was he going to find the right words to bring calm to Wisconsin? What would he say to the black community? Would he comment on the work of the police or the death of demonstrators shot dead by a 17-year-old armed man? Not a word, he rather comforted the victims of the hurricane Laura and recalled that nothing was tolerated other than law and order.

While these comments about hurricane-affected Americans were legitimate and necessary, it seems that the Vice President should not be expected to embarrass his boss. After all, would Donald Trump dare to shake up his electoral base? Would he confirm that the far right was present in the streets of Kenosha?

Over the years, I got used to the propaganda disseminated by the two political parties during the conventions. However, I never fully get used to repeated lies or hypocrisy that Republicans do not have exclusive rights to. But if you are looking for the most twisted logic in 2020, you must look to the side of the political formation over which Donald Trump seems to have total control.

Law and order? Yes, but for that alleged far left and, above all, if your skin color is darker.

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