Failure for Kanye West in Wyoming

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Rapper Kanye West failed to run in the US presidential election in his adopted state of Wyoming. Yet he bought a ranch there where he also relocated his factories, but he will not lead his presidential campaign there.

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The Birthday Party candidate has indeed missed the deadline to submit his supporting signatures, reports USA Today. However, according to, he has secured a place in Minnesota, a key swing state, as well as Tennessee, where his rival, singer Taylor Swift resides.

He will also be in contention in Arkansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Utah and Vermont, but failed to win in Missouri, having submitted just 6,557 of the 10,000 signatures required. The musician was also unable to qualify in his native Illinois.

As a candidate for a third party that won’t be on the ballot in many states, Kanye West has no realistic way of winning the 270 votes from the constituency that would send him to the White House.

This is why he is accused of leading a troublemaker campaign to help US President Donald Trump defeat his Democratic opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden.

The rapper is a former supporter of the current White House tenant, and investigations have linked agents of Trump’s Republican Party to the billionaire rapper’s campaign.

The hip-hop star said in an interview with Forbes earlier this month that he “doesn’t deny” that his campaign is aimed at harming Joe Biden, whom he has criticized. The US presidential election takes place in November.

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