Extreme fire hazard remains in Kalmykia

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In Kalmykia, from 8 to 10 August, an extreme fire hazard of class 5 will remain in many regions.

According to the Kalmyk Hydrometeorological Center, the 5th class emergency fire hazard will remain in places in Gorodovikovsky, Maloderbetovsky, Ketchenerovsky, Priyutnensky, Sarpinsky, Oktyabrsky and Tselinny districts, as well as in Elista. There is a high probability of emergencies and incidents associated with natural and man-made fires at economic facilities and in settlements located in a fire hazardous zone.

The Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in the Republic of Kazakhstan has planned a number of preventive measures aimed at reducing the risks of emergencies and accidents

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