Experts talk about a way to recognize a phone call from scammers

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Bank of Russia specialists, together with law enforcement officers, have developed a memo on how to calculate a phone call from fraudsters. This was reported on the website of the government of the Moscow region with reference to the main department of regional security on Tuesday, October 13.

First of all, the Russians were reminded that a real bank employee will not ask for a PIN code, code from SMS, bank card number or CVC code written on the back of a bank card.

In addition, a fraudster can be recognized in a subscriber who tries to evoke a feeling of fear, promises easy money and does not give time to consult with relatives.

In the event of such a call, experts recommend hanging up immediately. If you wish, you can call the bank and make sure that the accounts are safe. Callbacks to the number from which the dubious call was received should not be made, and it is better to dial the bank’s phone number manually.

If money was unauthorizedly transferred from the account, then the bank has the right to suspend this operation for up to two days, writes RIAMO. The bank will notify the client about such a situation by phone, SMS, or send a push notification in the mobile application. If the client confirms the operation, it will be unblocked. If the bank is unable to contact the client, it will be unblocked in two days.

If the cardholder himself provided the account details, then the bank should not compensate for the stolen funds.

On October 12, it was reported that a resident of Moscow transferred almost 4 million rubles to fraudsters. The attackers introduced themselves to the man by phone as bank employees.

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