Experts pointed to the “daily” error when starting the car

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Automotive experts said that drivers in vain are trying to start the car engine faster.

They explained to the publication “Arguments and Facts” that the first seconds after turning on the ignition are important for the correct tuning of the electronics in the car. After that, it is worth postponing the transfer of the key to the “Start” position.

These seconds are given to the electronics of a modern car to check technical systems and collect data about the environment and climatic conditions.

This setting is especially important in winter – the electronics selects one of the mixture formation algorithms to start the engine

But if the key is instantly turned to the “Start” position, it can lead to the emission of unburned gasoline vapors into the catalyst and affect its wear.

This is especially bad for a car with a diesel engine. As a result, this threatens uneven operation of the cylinders and, in some cases, clogging of the filters with diesel fuel decay products.

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